Wednesday, 3 August 2011

randomly blog posting

hyeee fellow peeps :)
lemme introduce myself

my name is mrs. khairul
sorry lah yeeee kalau menyibuk

as you all informed,
this owner of the blog is tightly taken by one wicked girl
that is me

before you guys whinnying,
proudly to say that
i have permission to blog this entry :)

okay tujuan saya post nih nak bagi speeches dekat mr.K jee

dear gummy bear ,
look into my eyes and stares for a while:)
oraite. .,
here we goes.
this life becomes all that you want it to
your dreams grow big,
your worries stay small.
you need not carry more than you can hold.
dont think.just do it.
fuck what people it. regret it.
at the end of the day
there always never have pain with no gains :)
i know you can ,
they know you can,
yet you know the best of yourself

and while you are out there getting where you are getting to,
they are always somebody loves you

please lock this and cross it in your heart,
no matter how many times you had screwed things up,

me was, is and always love you to the max!

have a good day :)


                                                  unnecessary unwanted unknown

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